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Fastest Cars in the World

January 8th, 2020

Fast cars literally rule the world. And well the reason for this is that no one can catch up with them. And that is why always try to make sure that we know which cars are the fastest so that we can at least try to keep up. Or even better, get ourselves one of […]

How dirt damages your car over time

November 20th, 2019

Sometimes we are lazy to get our cars thoroughly cleaned. Sometime we do get them cleaned a bit but just so we can go where we want to go. Most people may be surprised but mud and dirt damages your car over time. This article is going to take you through how it is important […]

Best SUVs of 2019

November 14th, 2019

SUVs are beautiful! They are just great for holiday adventures, as well as daily commuting. The great thing about SUVs is that they come in different sizes and specifications. This means that there‚Äôs always something for everyone. In this post, we list a few of the best SUVs of 2019. The aim of the post […]

Mercedes-Benz: Sorry

June 2nd, 2010

In traffic precarious situations can come unexpectedly: before you know it there is an uninvited passenger. But with the brake assistant BAS + in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class you can even trick the reaper. Advertising

Nissan Pivo 2

December 26th, 2009

This environmental friendly electric urban commuter embodies cutting-edge technologies, user-friendly innovations and Robotic Agent to create a new car-driver relationship.

Japp Chocolate Bar Series

May 13th, 2008

This is a very old campaign created by Leo Burnett for Japp Chocolate Bar. There are 3 ads included in the series – each one having the same great humor. Advertising

Volkswagen Golf GT TSI – Frog

November 16th, 2007

Funny video commercial for the Golf GT with TSI: Advertising

Audi – Designed to Thrill

October 25th, 2007

3 clever prints from Audi for the “Design to Thrill” campaign: