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Genuine Car Companies Which Sponsor Football Clubs

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In a world where money has become the real king sponsorships deals are now a source of generating revenues. Car manufacturing companies have stood with a firm foot to make sure they secure some awesome deals with big football clubs in Europe. Some deals make the car companies be the main or secondary sponsor. Meaning to say that they can be in a position to provide transport or supply vehicles for players amongst other necessary perks.

As much as you love to play real money casino games, also take some to know some of the car companies that sponsors big European football clubs. You might be inspired to buy a car from them after you win real money.

Jeep, Juventus

The relationship between Jeep and Juventus has been in existence for the past 7 seven years. The deal between Juventus and the American SUV company was agreed in 2012 replacing BetClic as an official shirt sponsor. The sponsorship deal is really worth real money. And the Turin side signed a deal that was worth 17 million euros. The Jeep Company is owned by the Chrysler Group and it shouldn’t come as surprise why they can secure such mega deals.

However, the Italian football club also managed to secure a good deal with Nike that worth $26 million-a-year.

Hyundai, Lyon

The Ligue 1 side has not only managed to succeed in winning games in the various competition. Rather, they have made some great deals for real money with big companies. In 2012, the put pen to paper by agreeing on a deal with South Korea automotive manufacturer, Hyundai. Since then they have been displaying the company logo on their kit, on the field and off the field during training.

Volkswagen, VFL Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg is one of the most popular German football clubs that is well known to be sponsored by Volkswagen. Now the reason is that VW is not only the sponsors of the team but they are also the owners of this great football club. Even though they have been overshadowed by Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. They will always remain a great team with a great fanbase in German. Besides Car Companies, some best online casino sites and big online gambling companies such as Betway also sponsor football clubs. The company offers great odds on a variety of sports events such as football, tennis, cricket and many more. The company displays their logo and brand name on uniforms, sports gear and stadiums.

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