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GTA 6 Cars Complete Review

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There are rumours circulating that Rockstar is on the verge of introducing GTA 6. However, Rockstar has not been into existence since they released GTA V and the coming of GTA 6 is actually good news to Rockstar gaming lovers. However, players are obviously expecting something magnificent from GTA 6 game. Rockstar is well known for producing some good storyline in their gaming and with the new game on the verge of its release, there is a real anticipation of something magnificent.

There are a lot of features that players are looking forward to. But what makes this game likeable is the cars that will be in existence. The availability of cars in GTA games offer the much-needed simplicity in gaming.

On that note, let’s take a look at some of the cars you are likely to come across once you start enjoying this top-class game from Rockstar.


If you have been following all the GTA versions from Rockstar, this car is actually familiar. According to the Bovver’64 featured in the 2006 GTA Vice City storyline. However, the one in GTA 6 is a remake of the classic PS2 game. This beast car travels slowly on land and water. This car you can use it if you don’t want to be recognised by police because you have been speeding. Oh boy, this beast is actually a looker and you definitely need it to have good gaming experience.

Zebra Cab

This Zebra cab also featured in the original Vice City game and it offered gamers some amazing experience. The thing with this cab is that it was a very rare vehicle one of those cars that weren’t easy to unlock. But in GTA 6 you might be lucky enough you might be a taxi driver and secure some real money in this amazing game.

Polaris V8

This is one of the quintessential GTA story cars that you will come across in most GTA games and betting websites. And most players love using this car to commit a crime in the game. So you, if you are a player who loves playing cat and mouse with the police Polaris V8, is an ideal car for you.

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