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How dirt damages your car over time

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Sometimes we are lazy to get our cars thoroughly cleaned. Sometime we do get them cleaned a bit but just so we can go where we want to go. Most people may be surprised but mud and dirt damages your car over time. This article is going to take you through how it is important to keep your car clean and the effects of continuously keeping it dirty.

Without having to clear the dirt you are keeping some problems that grow over time. Mud and some dirt absorbs moisture. Once that is done as you travel from time to time those mud are scratching the surface of your car.

Grit sticks

When the grit accumulates and sticks, as you drive around it is scratching the clear coat that protects your paint. The more it does that the more its exposing your car to the paint which quickly fades if not protect by the top coat. With this you will be exposing your car to harm and even if you won jackpot from betting sites, you shouldn’t spend all your winnings fixing a problem which could have been prevented.


Rust eats metal and eventually leads to the damage of your car. Some dirt when kept for long settles in the metal areas like doors, the boot and all. These are purely metal. So when moisture gets your car starts to rust. And since you don’t wash your car regularly you may mistake it for dirt whilst it is your car rusting.

Destroying the finish

Have you ever seen a car that was originally white but it has turned cream? Well that is what happens if you keep dirt on a car. The more you keep the dirt the quality of your paint may fade away over time. This in turn will not be washable. You may wash your car afterwards but the colour will have been damaged already. This is why it is important to clean it regularly.

Not only that bird’s droppings as much as we see it as poop is acidic. Leaving the stain for too long may eat away your paint. This is why sometimes you see cars that looks like they have some areas that looks like they were removed off of paint. You should be able to wash your car from time to time. Visit car washes whist they thoroughly clean and check your car you can play your favourite casinojoka online casino game for real money. This can be a way of passing on time while winning real money.

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