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Renault Neptun

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The Renault Neptun is a luxury coupe concept vehicle inspired by sea waves. The author is Romanian designer Dragos Pop.

The design of the Neptun is inspired by the movements and the power of sea waves. The main goal of the fluid and strong lines and exterior proportions is to express power and distinction.

As Dragos explains, “When I started to work on this project I tried to capture the spirit of a powerful sea wave, that is beautiful to look at, but powerful enough to demand respect.”

“That is why I named it Neptun, after the Roman God of the Sea.”

The Neptun is targeted to upper-class customers, who want their car to be elegant and refined without being too eye-catching.

“The probable competitor products would be the Mercedes SLR and the Aston Martin Vanquish.”



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  1. that is the pest concept car that ever hit the charts thanks for that brilliant concept yours truly bobby

  2. it does, at first look like a really sexy car,
    i do, however have one problem with it, the same one i have with the
    original Audi TT and the Peugeot RCZ, is the cabin
    it is to, bubble-like just sticking like a ball out of the top
    make it more like an aston, where the front is at least more
    gradual, otherwise, sexy designs

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