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The Weirdest Car Tuning Ever Seen

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I’ve gathered a collection of the weirdest (and some of the most idiotic) modifications that were ever made to cars. Why would anyone want to do this to their car?

Let’s start with the big wheels…

huge wheels

And continue with…big fluffy ears?

What you can do with a Beetle

Want to install a pool in a Ferrari?

Beetle UFO

A little too extreme…

Gone diving?

Must be an Adams Family fan… or perhaps the Adams Family themselves


Extreme Japanese Vans:

(via Pink Tentacle and Strange Vehicles)

Sailing enthusiast?

You have to have high definition audio on your car…



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  1. los mejor sigan asi esta gueno

  2. me gusta la primera lo mejor

  3. ese negrito qda rr puto arriba de ese auto
    ns vmos loco y aguanten lo fierros

  4. Great collection -) Some of the cars are VERY ugly -) I can;t imagine that anyone wanna drive such a car at all )) It’s a shame mostly -)

  5. si q viva los autos originales ese auto tiene buen equipo de sonido jejejeje

  6. If a car’s suspension is designed to accomodate 14 inch wheels, DON’T PUT 20 INCH WHEELS ON IT, RETARDS.

  7. what the frack would you do that to a ferrari for…. and half those cars are screwed when they come to speed bumps ^^

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  10. wow wwwww

  11. jaajaj mi sueño, tener un auto con un sonido asi xD

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  14. yeeeeeah thats what i call a good sound system hahaha,keep it cool boy,and i loved that UFO,poor aliens hahaha

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  18. your website is great. thanks for having great cars.

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  20. good cars yaar. love it.

  21. wonderful collection. thanx.

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