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The World’s Finest Police Cars

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Ever wondered what happens to the money you pay to the Police when you get a ticket?

Here’s the ultimate battle of Police supercars worldwide. Personally if I would be a cop I would prefer Germany.

Germany: Brabus CLS Rocket

With 730hp from a twin-turbo V12 and a top-speed of 225.19mph, the Brabus CLS Rocket is currently the world’s fastest legal sedan.

brabus police

germany police

Germany: Porsche 911 Carrera

The Porsche 911 Carrera S has been extensively modified by TechArt for its role as a police car. With a 6 cylinder engine and 500hp it’s capable of over 186 mph and sprinting to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds.

police porsche

Austria: Porsche 911

A £65,000 supercar that can do up to 177mph for the Austrian Police

austria police

Italy: Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini donated one of these beauties to the Italian Police back in 2004. They probably liked it as they purchased another one a year later for around $166,000. Top speed: 190mph. Powered by a 5 liter V10 with 500hp.

police gallardo


Italy: Smart

Not quite a supercar, but I bet chases on the narrow streets of Rome are much more interesting since the Italian Police got this.

smart police car

USA: Dodge Magnum

Michigan Police acquired an entire Magnum fleet (they could be used as rams by their looks)

magnum police car

USA: Dodge Viper

Texas’ way of welcoming visitors

USA: Corvette C6

corvette police car

USA: Ford Mustang

mustang police car

USA: Hummer H2

700hp Hummer powered by a 7.0L supercharged V8 for a sheriff in Texas

hummer police car

UK: Lamborghini Gallardo

Similar to the Italian Police Gallardo, just with a crappy paint job

UK: Lotus Exige

The Exige is a lightweight, high performance car that accelerates from 0 to 60 faster than typical V8 cars and yet only uses around 5 liters / 100 km.

lotus exige concept car

Australia: Holden VE Commodore

Australia: Alfa Romeo GT

Japan: Nissan Skyline GT-R

China: Hummer (It just HAD to be a replica)

Holland: Spyker C8 Spyder

406hp and a V8 with Lamborghini doors. Maximum speed: 186mph

Canada: Jaguar S Type

Bulgaria: Porsche 911

South Africa: Lamborghini Gallardo

Yet another Gallardo with a better paint job than the British version. The nearly $200,000 car was loaned to the authorities by a local Lamborghini importer to use it as an “attention-getting device” to control traffic.

A little fun:



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  1. why in gods name is there a smart car on this list.

  2. Texas Police Hummer 700hp European custom parts, Damn waste of money. Did the Texas taxpayers actually allow this at a time when so many americans are out of work, in poverty, and are without health care? — from a disgusted american
    many of our schools are delapidated, in dis-repair and some of our bridges fall in the rivers due to neglect, but we do have the newest state of the art prisons and the most expensive GI Joe toys in the world, all paid for by our children and grandchildren !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow look at this india eventhough china is using Hummer as police vehicle and South Africa using lamborgini what about india MAXIMUM toyota qualis old

  4. wow Canada has a good police car the RCMP don’t even have nice clothing

  5. hi


  7. No ano que vem o governador ANASTASIA, vai comprar viaturas iguais tanto para a PC quanto para a PM. e ainda vai dar dois aumentos para os funcionários públicos.

  8. Actually the first exige was a Lotus Aust vehicle on loan to the Bankstown local area command in Sydney NSW, to help bring the highway police closer to the younger drivers in the community ( as a talking point not literally closer). It was not approved for any pursuit work as it failed both saftey standards and was hard to exit! As for the VE V8 commodore they are quite under powered (260kw in afm spec) compared to the ford f6 typhoon 6 cyl turbo (315kw) used in NSW.

  9. No wonder the German police car is the fastest, in many motorways there are no speed limits and the Germans likes to use their cars. Strangly enough they have no more accidents than in countries where there is speed limit in place!

  10. Paul Jones what fraud!
    I’m a biker and all cops are shit.
    You probably got your little punk ass beat by a cop and now want to talk shit. You are not a biker, you are a wannabe. Fuck you, your bike, and your bullshit lies.

    You’re one of those bitches who scream for police help when a real man is whoopin your ass and nailing your girl.

  11. COOL MAN!!!

  12. Very cool cars 😀 I think i heard that Italy’s Lambo was damaged serveal times ?? 🙂

  13. en venezuela dan unos tamque y los ponen a pasar aceites jajajajaja

  14. im in adelaide Australia, everywhere i go there is cops trying to fine ppl left right and centre, there is speed cameras, RBTs, drug testers, traffic cops, motor bike cops, everywhere i go, they just dont seem to be doing anything else except trying to get money out of drivers. rego, license, taxes, etc etc it goes on and on.
    i just feel like i am a honest good person, not a criminal, why am i annoyed at cops? the criminals willsteal a car, have no licence, drink drive, speed, then rob a store, beat someone up, if they get caught, they wil ge nothing but a slap on the wrist…..
    im sick of it
    am i the only one that feels like this?
    is it only like this in adelaide or eveywhere else in the world?

  15. I have no idea as to where you got your information regarding police departments buying cars with citation money. I do know that this is not the case in California. The city buys our police units with hard earned tax money which is given to the city. I do wish that people would stop running the police down. We are just a bunch of human beings who feel that we can do something for the citizens and sometimes we get one who is rotten and should be dealt with by the courts. If these fine citizens who are always complaining about police giving them tickets would start paying more attention to their driving and leave these texts phones at home then we wouldn’t have to give out tickets.

  16. u guys are grate

  17. Only the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor has the look of a true patrol cruiser, along with the speed, handling, durability, and affordability.

  18. I’ve heard about the Jag the RCMP in North Van have. Apparently it’s pretty sweet. If anyone ever were to get arrested, I’d think they would prefer to be sittin’ in the back of a Jag while they’re at it! However, it’s gotta suck to be thrown in the back of that Lotus…

  19. check this link, , for special offer , just clicks away

  20. lol the Chinese one just had to be a replica lmfaoo!

  21. One of those “UK” lotuses is actually in Australia. Clearly a Commodore cop car in the background and they’re wearing Aus Police uniforms, oh and the number plate says “NSW” on it.

  22. Sure, the Chinese Police Hummer is counterfeited, repaired with fake spare parts, assembled with child labour and pollutes like hell. And, I forgot to tell you: Environmental protesters from Tianamen Square are locked up in there!

  23. in kenya nting close 2tht

  24. we use nissan extrail for our africa we r rankd 3rd frm s.a,egypt.kenya.i gess…..thts wao corruption al i cn say

  25. i want a porsche 911 plz

  26. das polizei ist die beste, deutschland ist fantastisch und das polizei ist soooo gut! Ich fahre nicht zu schnel wenn das polizei commt. Danke shon, tschus!

  27. The first picture under UK lotus Exige is not the UK its Australia Police, state New South Wales

  28. The Lamborghini Gallardo was copied by the English and the south African police.Just goes to show italian cars are the best

  29. we need big cars 4*4 in lebanon to use in patrols missions


  31. What about the RCMP in British Colombia they are using GMC Vets for highway patrol

  32. in the uk, the first lotus exige is a new south wales police from australia
    ive seen it on the street in the sydney eastern suburbs

  33. The Corvette just looks wrong with the lights on it.

  34. Aftr seeing these superb cars I hav decided to join in police force…..

  35. the farri is awsome

  36. The first british lotus exige is in fact a police interceptor from sydney, australia
    I live in the eastern suburbs area of sydney and i have seen it ON PATROL


    However the second one is

  37. You guys should go and tell me if u think that this car looks stealthy…

  38. The Holden Commodores are legit police cars here in Aus. All of them are built for the police in the factories with the required improvements and modifications made there before they go into service, and they’re very reliable cars. The blue ones here are Highway Patrol cars with highly modified V8 engines, while the standard one’s are kitted very similarly, but with a lesser V6 to save on cash. Plus the colour is white rather than something that sticks out like blue, gold or bright red [other colours they use]. And also, yeah, that Lotus is in fact Aussie: you can tell by the markings. They match the Highway patrol

  39. I don’t really see the point of spending so much money on this crazy cars.As the Italy show us this cars are not made for police chase. According to the police, the crash was caused by the driver of a slow-moving Seat Ibiza.So wasted money.

  40. Chennai, India – Hyundai Accent , Mahindra Scorpio , Next planning to Lexus isf 🙂

  41. UPDATE!!

    South African Cop cars have never involved exotic italian cars and the arrive alive initiative is not police business.

    I have been pulled over by BMW 1 Series, VW polos, Chevy Sparks, single cab Ford Rangers and similar Nissans and Toyota pickups, Ford Focus, and the most common is the pickup police vans.

  42. i jus cant understand can a gallardo stop a xuv it can only take huge cars n speed but how will they stop them ?

  43. i like that tysk cars, me and my gf

  44. you should come to salt lake city, utah….
    we have a tank 🙂

  45. i think the united states should take out the ford crown vics and put in the ford gt super snake now thats a change.

  46. German’s Porsche is the best. I love it!

  47. Not quite a supercar but still a nice addition to Finnish police fleet:
    Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake 350 CDI.