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Volkswagen Hover Car

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At the Beijing Auto Show, Volkswagen unveiled the Hover Car concept vehicle, a wheel-less pod that uses electromagnetic levitation to float just above the road. The idea came from a young design student named Wang Jia, whose dream is to help decongest the roadways in her hometown of Chengdu in China’s Sichuan province.

The Hover Car features a joystick for steering, auto-pilot function, voice commands and a safety sensor for collision avoidance. And because the Hover Car operates via magnetic fields, it uses no gas and has zero emissions.



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  1. this vw hover car is really cool.
    i wanna buy one if it comes out to the market.
    this will be the future of cars.
    but i’m just curious, what if the electromagnetic levitation of the vw hover car
    can be adjusted by the user?
    i mean what if more electromagnetic levitation is applied, then the vw hover car
    will not just float but can fly to the sky!
    it’s an amazing idea to fly a car without using any wings or propellers.
    this vw hover car will soon evolve and many car manufacturers will adopt this concept.
    now our dream of flying a car is now coming true!

  2. einstein, you are so naive, it is almost impossible to extend the electromagnetism to keep vehicle floating without using alot of power. and you are talking about flying. floating is flying…

  3. It is Really cool.
    This VW Car A-fantastic Big Toy.
    I Think, I wanna buy one if it comes out to the market.
    For Suer It Is My Future Plan Got On .


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