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Bond’s Aston Martin

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James Bond is one of Britain’s most famous and loved characters.

He is known for many things; drinking a Martini, shaken not stirred. Something fans can drink while watching the Blu-ray box set. Or his favourite card game, Baccarat chemin-de—fer. Standard Baccarat, as well as other popular card games can be found over at for those who don’t understand the rules of this particular version, but still enjoy such classic games. But James Bond is most famously known his luxury vehicles.

The most famous Bond car was the Aston Martin DB5. This luxury grand tourer was released on the market in 1963 and appeared in the Goldfinger film. There are 3 variations of the DB5. The Vantage, the convertible and the shooting-brake. The shooting-brake was a custom made model made for hunter and dog owner; David Brown. The car was built with Triumph units for taillights to aid the avid hunter. An idea that was later implemented into the design of the DB6.

Bond had many signature devices built into his vehicles to aid him in his dangerous missions. Such instruments include The ‘Felix Lighter’. A radio transmitter/receiver which is designed to look like a cigarette lighter within Bond’s vehicle. The item gets its name as Bond uses it to contact his friend, Felix Leiter. Q had Bond’s DB5 fitted with tire-slashers. When enemies approached the vehicle, he was able to destroy them quickly, and escape. Q had obviously put a lot of time and effort into modifying the DB5. The GPS Dashboard was incredibly ahead of its time. The Dashboard is similar to a modern day system, which was used to Track Goldfinger’s Rolls Royce in the 1964 film.

With the release of Spectre later in the month, there is some speculation as what Bond will be driving. A news report was released stating that the Aston Martin DB10 had been picked, with £24million worth of damage being reported due to stunts on set. The article released by the Mail on Sunday claims seven specially designed Aston Martin DB10’s were destroyed during filming, amongst other vehicles. The DB10 is a stunning vehicle but Aston Martin have released very few details in terms of its specifications.

The car was released at a Spectre press release. All Aston Martin have unveiled is that the vehicle will feature Aston Martin’s 6 speed manual transmission unit. They have also confirmed that the DB10 is powered by the Vantage’s 4.7Litre V8 engine. We will just have to keep waiting for a press release from Aston Martin to find out the full features and specifications of this car.



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