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Car Trends That Will Determine your Next Ride

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You know how so many things are moving with the times? It would be a shocker if the cars that actually move were not going with the trends as well. Just like how online casino games at online casinos South Africa and across the globe have moved to live dealer games, cars are supposed to evolve as well. And today we look at the things that have changed in the car industry and that will determine your next car.

Self-Driving Cars

For all those who love play online casino every second that they can, we have the perfect car for you. The self-driving cars. This car is capable of functioning with little or no human input. The car is capable of navigating itself with the use of a combination of various components in its surroundings. The self-driving car uses radar, computer vision, Lidar, sonar, GPS, odometry and inertial measurement units. Companies who have already started producing these cars include Tesla, Nissan, General Motors as well as Wymo.

Electric Cars

As we said, it would be odd for that one that actually moves to be moving with the times. And the next car trend that will determine your car choice is the electric car. Who needs gasoline in 2018 when you can charge your car the same that you charge your smartphone battery?

The electric car was introduced because there was a concern in the growing amount of the carbon dioxide that the cars were releasing in the environment. So as a means to reduce pollution the electric car was brought into the picture. The top electric cars in the market include the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model S. These cars don’t come cheap and you need a serious casino en ligne (online casino) jackpot to afford them.

Finger Print car lock and Starter

Apparently, it’s everywhere in the world where people have a tendency of losing their car keys. And well, they all came to a consensus and decided who needs car keys yet you can just use your fingerprint to start and lock your car? And thus the trend was set for the biometric car locks and starters. At least with this in place we don’t have to worry about you losing your car keys or locking them in the car.

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