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Chevrolet Volt Electric Car Concept

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2011 Chevy Volt, the electric car concept – the secret was revealed by mistake last week; several pictures of the concept car were accidentally posted for only 12 minutes on the internet.

People buy environmentally friendly cars because they feel it’s the right thing to do, not necessarily because of their looks or to make a fashion statement. But the Volt is different. It’s something one would buy because it is so compelling to look at, and the fact that it has the potential to never burn any gasoline – that’s just a bonus.” GM

Challenging through its outstanding design the idea that an environmentally conscious vehicle cannot match beauty to its driving characteristics, the Volt Concept is based on GM’s E-Flex System and has as equipment an electrical motor coupled with a compact 1-liter gasoline engine that can re-charge the battery, increasing range and fuel economy.

The electric car can be charged from a wall socket which makes it a a plug-in hybrid with enough battery power to go 40 miles without a recharge.

The E-flex System – an engine that can produce electricity from gasoline, ethanol, bio-diesel or hydrogen, depending on the specific market and local infrastructure.

Exterior Design – using unique materials and newest technologies, GM designers in collaboration with GE Plastics achieved Volt’s special appearance: “It was important that the design capture the face of Chevrolet as it’s recognized around the world.

Interior Design – combines ambient light with modern materials giving birth to an interior space that’s light, airy and more conscious: “On the interior of the Volt, you’ll find technologies, materials and an environment that enable the car to help make life simpler for a person who’s environmentally conscious and leads a city-centered lifestyle.

Seen as an urban-centric car, with overall dimensions relatively small, Chevrolet Volt is an advanced technology vehicle, adapted for a normal, but more thoughtful lifestyle; “designed to appeal to an urban dweller who desires a smart, daily-use vehicle.”

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  1. Pretty cool images. However, I’d like to have more info about those concepts. How much can I get from pics (I insist, pics are awesome, but….)? I don’t know how long could this car drive me, or how much time do I need to fully recharge its battery and I’d love to.

  2. The The E-flex System is a great design.

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