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Opel Siderium

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The Opel Siderium Concept proposes a flexible multi-functional interior focused on modern luxury. The authors are Vinicius Barbosa Crepaldi and Tiago Aiello Tomé De Souza from Brazilian UNESP.

The Opel Siderium was the winner in the Best Conceptual Interior category at the Interior Motives Design Awards 2008. It was designed by Vinicius Barbosa Crepaldi and Tiago Aiello Tom̩ De Souza from UNESP Рthe Universidad Estadual Paulista, Brazil.

Opel Siderium Concept has its eyes fixed on luxury interiors that may be available in the future, and it does a commendable job in that department. The exterior is full of textures and accessories and is marked by soft curves, pleasing to the eye, and a perfect introduction to what lies in the interior.


Source: Car Body Design


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  6. I just came all over my pants…

  7. Looks great and pretty futuristic, but I would be concerned about the safety. But I think in the times of such looking cars, our vehicles will already be fully controlled by computers. Nice eyecandy. Thank you.

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