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Luminous Colours on Cars Improve Performance

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Someone once said that “Stickers on cars do no improve performance, just like make-up on women does not improve performance”. This statement is full of the substance that comes out of the exhaust end of a Bull. The customization of cars is an art that has to be respected. There is no way that someone who does not have a basic knowledge of what is going on to appreciate it. It cannot be assumed that giving your car some love will not improve performance. Rather it is easier to come up with an argument in support of how customization improves performance.

How Customization Improves Performance

There are a lot of ways to customize a car even if you didn’t win money at pokies. The bulk of which does not really have much to do with looking good. But in the space age that we are living in where there is a lot of competition globally, manufacturers are making an increased effort to give their products the best look.

The common ways that people are changing their cars are in the appearance, entertainment and engine capability. Below are short discussions on how each of the changes improves performance.

  1. Engine capability is the most easily noticeable improvement on any car. This makes it the easiest upgrade to justify. Once the engine is more efficient then the car moves faster for longer which no one can deny is an improvement in the performance of the car.
  2. Appearance is an essential thing in everything that we do. Our image is the first ambassador before we convince people that we are worth their time with our other qualities. And we all have that moment where we need to impress. If customizing an appearance helps to impress people faster then it improves performance.
  3. There is no need to explain why getting the latest in-car infotainment system improves performance. Really, when you are able to play real money internet casino games at the best casinos online in your car what else is there to want?

Luminous Colours really do Improve Performance

Thus it becomes simple to acknowledge that luminous colours on cars do improve performance. And after all, it is all dependent on what you want to the car to do (or perform).

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