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Car Trends 2017

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Cars are getting smart, not only looking at engine performances but also other supported functions. Here are two amazing car trends of 2017.

Self-Parking Cars

Self-parking technology is still limited to few cars, however, automotive companies are making efforts to make it available on many other vehicles being made. Auto-parking systems aid drivers with parking assistance and has become important in automotive industry. It makes parking so easy especially for those people with big vehicles. Parking a big car is a hassle when the parking space or garage is small. Nonetheless, self-parking technology has come to your rescue, using its sensors the car can park itself. Latest self-parking technology does not even require you to be in the vehicle. The vehicles with this capability can drive itself in and out of the garage.

With latest technology taking over the world, anything is possible. Besides self-parking, we could see automotive companies introducing slots in the cars. People will no longer have to drive to entertainment venues when they can just play games in their cars. However, this will come with restrictions and you can visit online gambling Canada for gambling restriction laws. VW made a TV ad where couples watch movies in their cars. This could be something to look forward to in the future.

Depending on vehicle type, park assist can be enabled by pushing a button on the dashboard. When self-parking is activated then the car searches for a suitable parking where it fits. The system uses sensors, radar technology, and cameras to detect its movements driving in and out of the parking space. Additionally, self-parking can be activated with just a click on the car remote button. You no longer have to worry about tricky parallel parking anymore. You can even take a couple of spins on the latest real money gaming slots as your car parks itself.

Gesture control technology

Automotive companies are getting rid of dashboard buttons and replacing them with pinches and swipes.  If your car has gesture control technology, by just moving your hand you can now control some of your car’s functions. Turn your finger clockwise and anti-clockwise to increase or reduce your car stereo’s volume. The system is installed on the infotainment screen which is able to detect motions. Gesture control function is convenient and safe when driving, you don’t have to stretch to reach any button. Swiping right to left gesture enables you to browse your main menu and also to select a next or previous track in your playlist.

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