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Porsche Carma Concept

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Four students at the Institut Superieur de Design in France designed a slick Porsche concept called Carma.

After the success this model had on the internet I would be surprised if Porsche didn’t hire them for more such design work.

Here are the renderings. Can you get any more aerodynamic than this?

porsche carma





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  2. I Like the Carma Concept
    I would call it carara
    and show us the interior and suspension I think the back can use some more work
    try to go back to the Oil cooled and 500hp and drop about 250 pounds
    I have a 97 911 I take it to the race track 4 times a year and I havent seen a car that will make me part with it oh I almost forgot
    no Frills in the cockpit make it more of a racer CD and Nav a must build it to race price it at
    90k -150k

  3. will porsche ever come out with the concept carma or did they even consider it if not they shouldve i would buy it looks so cool….

  4. i love this design. smooth, sleek and futuristic, but with enough familiar design elements to not seem improbably space age and chintzy.

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