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Top Gear’s Polar Toyota Hilux

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polar toyota

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north pole toyota

When TopGear star Jeremy Clarkson decided to go to the North Pole by car, he chose a Toyota Hilux that was modified by Arctic Trucks for this very special task. It was much harder than originally planned, but they did it – they managed to get to the North Pole in a Toyota Hilux. The model is an extraordinary piece of engineering – it kept going through the harsh conditions, even after suffering damage.

A few snapshorts of the Toyota from the Top Gear Polar Special (Original Air Date: 25 July 2007):

It was one of their best shows, they really pushed their limits on this one.


– 38 inches in diameter and running at pressures as low as 4psi to give good flotation over snow. Two valves per wheel.
– Mounted on a heavy duty bulbar with lifting points. Auxillary driving lights are Xenons. Arches flared by 30cm.
– Modified for ultra-low air temperatures. Extra coolant added to boost coolant temperature before start-up. There’s a fuel heater in there, too.
– Fat 5mm aluminium skid plates protect the bumper, suspension, transmission and transfer case.
– The position of the front suspension was moved 50mm towards the ground, then moved forward 40mm.
– Lots of kit in here including shovels, pry-bars, jacks, towing strap, tool kits, first aid kits and a chain saw. Friendly.
– Locking front and rear diffs modified to cope with the cold. Special exhaust and extra fuel tank under here, too.
– A weapon holder. Shotguns were carried for protection against polar bear attack.

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  1. I really love Top Gear (I just finished watching it!), but for one reason and another; I had to miss the polar special.

    Was it any good? Is it worth finding the episode online to watch it?

    I love the look of the car; great post!

  2. Damn those guys have a lot of money to spend on these cars. I must say, this particular one is sweet as

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  4. let’s go baby seal hunting, i’ll bring the buns.

  5. “Shotguns were carried for protection against polar bear attack”

    Now THAT’s planning ahead

  6. Wait- I’m confused. Where’s Santa?

  7. why did sat nav read 78 degrees at the north pole. I would have thought it should be 90 degrees

  8. eddie, the north pole isn’t exactly at 90 degrees because the earth is tilted.

  9. Love this and love Top Gear!

  10. @gman: No, the North Pole is indeed at 90 degrees because that’s the bloody definition of the North Pole.

    What the TopGear folks actually went to was the _Magnetic_ North Pole, though they inexplicably never clarified this. The Magnetic North Pole does not coincide with the “real” North Pole (i.e. the Geographic North Pole, at 90 degrees north), and even moves around from year to year.

    The Magnetic North Pole is currently to be found amongst Canada’s Arctic islands and while quite inaccessible, is nowhere near as inaccessible as the _real_ North Pole, which is nowhere near any island. One might think, given Clarkson’s sneering reference to Al Gore’s claim of open water near the North Pole, that the Top Gear folks might have clarified the distinction between the two!

  11. Dooooohhhhhh!
    gman, before trying to teach Geography, I suggest you go and learn some! I’m not even going to start to explain or even understand your ignorance, but Eddie is completely correct; however, it does appear that (and why they didn’t explain this is unfathomable) they went to the Magnetic North Pole – not the same thing at all as the “North Pole”.

  12. This was probably their best show yet. Top Gear you are the best entertaining and adventuresome show on TV. Congratulations on being the first team to drive to the North Pole.

  13. They did say in the program that it was the magnetic north pole..

  14. Yes, it is worth looking for to watch the episode. Another great one to watch is their South America run with a Range Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser and a Suzuki Samurai.

  15. The first car that was driven to the nort pole was a Lada Niva in 2000. This is fake toyota wasn’t the first one to do this. They did it 7 years later in 2007 and was the second car to be driven there.

  16. Where is your proof vaz2108? If it were true you would think that Lada would put that bit of information on their brochures or in Wikipedia… Show us the proof to back up your claims…

  17. hey guys! anyone who know the color code of this red hilux? thx

  18. there is the proof mister Todd H + if you search a little bit on the net you will find more confirmations.
    First Wikipedia is made by normal persons not the Lada company and second they do not tell that on the brochurer because the biggest part of 4×4 fans already know this is one of the best 4×4 in the market even if its they did not upgraded so much during these 30+ years of its existence

  19. This is the BEST Hi-lux that i ever seen in my whole life.

  20. Hey guys, as we all know mr clarksons comments are often nuts but that is the point of them, I got the cringe factor when ever he said or did something abit careless with this one and I too didnt realize that the true north pole was quite as far apart from the magnetic one.
    All they were trying to point out is that 3 armchair super heros could actully put on their Expedition parka’s and go/drive to such a place, And yes they did it, which is more than any of us have done, that i know of.
    Also I do know the true model/name of the parka’s they wore/used, Some of you are wiser than me and alot more well versed but i wont put anyone down for their lack of geography skills.

    This show was great and i did feel sorry for Mr Fiennes and Mr Mcnab (i think it was him trying to teach them arctic survival), because these are two great people,

    Its nice to know that a person like me could go and do this if i had the time and machine etc,
    the one thing that i thought was crazy was smashing over the ice and damaging the truck when the truck was their main form of transport and a good shelter from the stoms that they get up there, all i know is that i would never take that kind of risk,

    anyway thats my view

    all the best to y’all. john

  21. They did acually say in the polar special that they were going to the magnetic North Pole and not the true north pole

  22. Can I just say that if youre thinking they only achieved it because of the film crew and producers. Don’t, let’s not forget those cars got stuck as well. The success was purely down to JC, JM and the car.

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