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What a Car Means to Men and Women

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A car is so much more than just a car. Both men and women alike are cautious about the car that they drive. And at any given point they each can’t help but brag about their set of wheels. While men may brag more about their cars, it is the women who get all the glory when they drive them.

What Men And Women Want In A Car

Among the many things that they brag about in cars, is the speed. There is something about the speed of car that men just can’t stop talking about. It’s like how gamblers can’t keep quiet about real money online casino wins at sites such as johnnykash online casino. Men, when it comes to how fast their car goes, they will make sure to give you all the details.

Women, on the hand don’t care much about the speed of a car, they are more into what the car looks like. The colors and they feel that they get when the drive the car. While the speed does matter it is not deciding factor for women.

Women want a car that they can feel comfortable in and since they are more cautious, they want a car that will get them to where they are going in once piece. Men on the other hand, you honk at them wrong at the red light, it becomes a battle of testosterone. That is why even out of the blue, you will find car racing from one light to another.


So, what is it really that men want in a car that women doesn’t see important and vice versa? One of those things is speed. But sports cars are expensive, unless you won a real money online casino games  jackpot. Men love the speed, women want to take it at pace that will get them there in one piece. Then women love comfort because they are smore sensitive. They want a car that’s more an accessory than a mode of transport. While to men, comfort is just another thing they think is irrelevant in a car.

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