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Best Car designs to come out of America

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American industry and technology is what inspires people to fill out their Esta Application and contribute. American car designers especially have earned their place in history. Some of the most iconic designs in history have been American. They’re fast, they’re innovative and all of them are very, very cool. But, which American cars are the best? Well, everyone’s bound to think differently. While some people prefer speed others prefer style. While some people prefer functionality others prefer luxury. It’s difficult to say which designs are the best, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t look over some of the greatest car designs in American history:

Chevrolet Corvette

In the 1950s, getting a car was all about looking cool and going fast and the Chevrolet…didn’t give these things at first. Sure, it was very attractive. In cherry red with white accents and chrome rims, the Chevrolet was Greased Lightning’s much cooler counterpart. But, it was pretty slow, too. Two years later, however, Chevrolet had fixed what needed to be fixed and the corvette became an iconic American sports car. It was as fast as it was gorgeous and still has a mass following. It changed the automotive industry for the better and still sells for millions.

Duesenberg Model SJ

An oldie but still a goodie. This is one of the cars that lead the way for modern design. While all of the cars that preceded it aimed for functionality and affordability, this car was a slap in the face to the great depression. Launched in 1932, this car was luxurious, hand-built and lightning fast (compared to other cars of the time). It could reach 104mph in second gear. Only 36 were built and buying one will cost you an arm, a leg and your kidneys.

Ford Thunderbird

While the thunderbird might not be super charged or faster than any other car on the road, it was one heck of an attractive automobile. The thunderbird was all about luxury and beauty. It made its mark on American history and it has one of the most iconic designs the world has ever seen. While we’ve seen the thunderbird change over the years to keep up with the rest of the industry, the models between 1955 and 1961 can’t be beat. They’re retro, sleek and easy on the eyes.

Hennessey Venom GT

While retro has its place in our heart, modern cars are more impressive than ever. The aesthetic, first and foremost, is incredible. The Venom GT looks almost sci-fi inspired when you look at the chrome and black models and they are so streamline that they look like a dagger shooting past at high speeds. Speaking of high speeds, the Venom GT’s 7.2 litre V8 turbocharged engine gives the venom a top speed of 270mph. This is the car that inspired a lot of modern designs we see today and the automotive industry wouldn’t be the same without it.

Shelby Cobra

This car has one of the coolest and most adorable designs in history. It’s small and fast and so gosh, darn cute that you can’t help but want to take it home, which is why car collectors are willing to empty their pockets to get their hands on one.  It was the sports car of the 1960s and everything about 1960s fashion is contained in its design. If you want vintage, this is the car you want.

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