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There are several top car trends in 2017. Many of which are driven by the rapid advances in technology. This technology is changing in the automotive industry. The most fascinating development in automotive industry at the moment is the innovation of self-driving cars and the unveiling of Mercedes Benz pickup truck.

Self-Driving Cars

These type of cars are developed using the knowledge of robotics. The cars are able to navigate the desired destination without any human assistance as everything is computerized. Self-driving cars use various technologies to sense their surroundings like GPS, radar, laser light and computerized vision software.

Many automotive makers are working tirelessly to make this innovation a dream come true. Continuous research is being conducted by scientists. To date, self-driving cars that are permitted in the public roads are not yet fully automated. These cars still require human assistance to control the vehicle in anything that takes place as these cars are still confused by some obstacles. Car manufacturers understand that not everyone can afford these cars, people get money through different ways, some are business owners, real money online casinos players, lotto winners, and some are just celebrities who receive car sponsorships.

From a research conducted by automotive scientists, it was found that self-driving cars can be confused by streets alterations. In addition, automotive industry is no longer focusing on small self-driven cars but also much attention is now shifting to self-driven trucks, for example, Tesla is already seeking to test drive its electric self-driving truck in public.

Mercedes Benz Pickup Truck

The Mercedes Benz pickup truck known as X – Class which was just a concept as of October 2016 was finally introduced. Benz unveiled its truck to the world and is set to release it into the market in November 2017. This concept is the first pickup truck ever made by the Mercedes Benz. This was to target different customers with different needs. For example, this truck can be used in areas such as construction apart from being a luxurious car. Mercedes X-Class will come in different models to suit different lifestyles.


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