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The Most Expensive Concept Car Designs

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A concept car design refers to a vehicle that has been designated for the purpose of exhibition. It is usually a showcase of some novel ideas that a particular car manufacturer is considering. So it is not an asset you can use for a car title loan. Consumers can be very picky, and companies understand that gauging potential reaction to a product is critical. It is firsthand information on whether the target audience will respond positively to a product before it is mass produced. Over the years, a lot of concept car designs have entered the market. Some get positive reception and even prototypes. Before a concept car can be considered for mass production, it has to undergo different phases of redesign.

One thing about concept car designs is that they incorporate some of the most ingenious ideas, and for the most part, that means a ludicrous amount of expenses. The concept design platform gives companies the chance to try out revolutionary theories. Most concept designs are expensive because of materials such as carbon, out-of-this-world features, and extraordinary layouts. Here are concepts car designs that make the most expensive list.


The 3-passenger concept car design from Marianna Merenmies is the epitome of futuristic. It incorporates an aerodynamic material called Aerogel, which is used in space exploration. The material is used together with carbon fiber to frame the car. Due to its extremely lightweight properties, it works perfectly in minimizing frame torsion. One reason that Aerogel was used in this design is that it has excellent insulation characteristics. It is installed between the door panel glazing to protect against heat, cold, and noise. The car is designed for regions where it gets extremely cold. Another feature of the car is a front central driving spot. The car can operate autonomously.

Ferrari Millenio

This design is by Marko Petrovic and features a combination of very high-tech materials. The Ferrari Millenio is a two-seater made with a material called buckypaper. This material provides an advantage of both steel and carbon. It is more lightweight than carbon and stronger than steel. The car has two engines, which are recharged by solar panels or inductive power. The designer, Petrovic, borrowed from architecture to come up with the layout of the concept car. This car’s’ design integrates different materials and textures to accentuate its aesthetics.

Lamborghini Ferruccio

The Lamborghini Ferruccio was designed in tribute to the automaker’s 50th anniversary in 2013. Its style is in line with the flashy feel that the Italian manufacturer has become so famous for. Designed by Mark Hostler, the car has sharp front ends and a full rear, a concept inspired by the Countach. It has front and rear wings, which are a Miura inspiration. The V12 engine runs on two turbochargers and has a 5. L fuel capacity. It is also designed to work with direct injection technology.

Lamborghini Concept S


The Concept S, designed by Luc Donckerwolke, was based on the Gallardo. It is a single-seat roadster with an open top. The concept car comes with “sauve-vent” windscreens as opposed to the traditional ones. It has a spine that runs through the middle of the car and then bodywork sections the interior into two parts. The 5L V10 engine is mounted midway to increase the aerodynamics. It has an electronically retractable rear view mirror, which can be out or in, depending on the need. A functional variant of the concept car was built, but it never went into production. The Concept S gained a lot of popularity, but the 001 chassis has been in single ownership since its production.

McLaren JetSet


The JetSet is another Marianna Merenmies design aimed at a capitalizing on future technologies. Its chassis, suspension systems, and body are made of carbon composites, which are very light, thus minimize the weight of the car. The layout is very appealing and has the sophistication to it that makes it a right fit in the luxury class. It is expected that an electric motor would supply the power. Merenmies called the design minimalistic, a concept that may grow very popular in the future. There are drape fenders included in the design whose role is to reduce the drag for enhanced aerodynamics. The McLaren JetSet is a single-seat concept car.

Mazda Taiki

Mazda has had series of concept car designs showcasing the sports vehicle of the future. The Taiki is a continuation of the Nagare, which epitomizes aerodynamics with its “flow” design. It runs on the RENESIS rotary 16X, Mazda’s next-generation engine. Designers say that the engine will use direct injection technology to enhance torque. The layout of the Taiki is a front engine, rear-wheel drive. This concept design excels in drag coefficient, which is why it handles so well against the wind. The exterior seems to be flowing, and it has scissor doors to complete its outsides. Its front canopy is all glass, giving the car an elegant look.

Audi Locus


This sporty coupe concept car is the work of Ugur Sahin. It is laid out in beautiful curves that flow from the front to the rear. The Audi grille stays at the front, giving the car the assertive feel consumers are familiar with. Its design is what is called organic. The windscreen wraps around the top of the car and extends to the rear where it finishes off with an air intake system. This feature is integrated underneath the tail lights very well so that they are not a distraction from the flowing design.

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