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What Is A Concept Car?

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Concept cars are vehicles that a manufacturer has created which may influence the design of a new model of car which that manufacturer will produce. It will usually have several features that you wouldn’t find in cars that are currently in production. General Motors were the first company to use a concept car in their Motorama tours of the 1950s. Since then it has become common practice for companies to showcase their plans for the future by way of unveiling a concept car at a motoring show.

Most concept cars are shown at industry events and exhibitions. They are a good way to assess how people will react to a new model before they are mass produced. There will almost certainly have to be changes made to the design before they are able to be made in order to be sold to members of the public. Many of these changes are necessary in order to meet the strict safety requirements that car manufacturers have to deal with. Manufacturers may also find that it is not really practical to include all the features of a concept car in a vehicle that is going to be used on a daily basis and so some of these features will be removed.

Concept cars offer a glimpse into the future. Their design may be unlike anything that is currently on the market. Some people felt that Royal Vegas video slots were a bit like a concept car when they were first introduced. People were not sure that they would be something that would catch on but this did not prove to be the case. Some of the best known cars on the road today would have started their life as a concept car. However, in some cases they may only have basic similarities to the concept car that they once were as the design has needed to change so much.

It is very unusual for a concept car to actually be drivable. It will not usually contain an engine or any other working parts. Fibreglass and other materials such as metal and plastic are often used to create the cars. If the concept car does go into production then it will have to go right back to the drawing board in terms of the way it is made and so there is no real benefit to having a working model. The most important aspect of a concept car is the way that it looks rather than the way in which it works.

When a concept car is no longer needed it is usually destroyed. The parts that have been used to make the vehicle cannot always be used elsewhere and so manufacturers do not tend to want to keep them around. There are some exceptions to this when concept cars have been kept in storage in case they are needed again. Some manufacturers may also keep concept cars in their own museums. It is very rare that a private collector would purchase a concept car because they do not have any real monetary value

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